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  • Why Office Politics Is A Good Thing
    If you are not currently engaging in office politics, it’s time to get started. Being politically savvy is a crucial ingredient in your career success. Forging good relationships up and down the org chart is a sure way to get yourself promoted, and a key to becoming a respected leader.
  • What To Do When Opportunity Knocks, Part Two: Act The Part
    Just as important as how you look is how you act. Important interviews have quickly gone south because somebody’s cell phone went off, or the body language was sending the wrong signals. The good news is, these are all fixable things.
  • What To Do When Opportunity Knocks, Part One
    Many opportunities are lost before they even have a chance of being won because people don’t look the part, act the part, and speak/write the part. Your mother probably told you that there’s no second chances to make a good first impression. She was right.
  • Women In Leadership, Part Two: What Companies Can Do To Improve The Numbers
    Millennials represent the most educated generation of women in history. Investing in and connecting with this generation of talented women requires an understanding of their values, communicating the company’s purpose, and engaging them in the company’s social mission.
  • Women In Leadership: Seven Ways To Improve The Numbers
    Hard-won experience has taught me seven proven ways to climb.
  • Face Down Fear To Find Success
    Your battle with fear may not be as dramatic, but I encourage you to go to war with it. Try to defeat it while it’s still only a whisper, because the more you listen the louder it gets. Sometimes it will seem insurmountable. I am here to tell you that it most certainly is not.
  • The Subtle Art Of Asking For And Giving Advice
    I have been blessed to have had some of the best advisors and mentors a person could ever ask for. They have been generous with their time, and they seem to get a lot of joy from being asked. I’ve also learned that there is an art to both giving and receiving advice.
  • Exit Strategies 101: Knowing When To Walk Away
    Sometimes it’s the right time to say goodbye. Knowing when to do that, and how, is critical to staying on one’s career path or finding it in the first place.
  • To Have A Great Career, Get Out Of Line
    Most every successful woman I know got out of the proverbial line at some point in their career, myself included.
  • Keep Your Cool When Others Are Losing Theirs
    Peaceful people are centered and they are unflappable. They make really good decisions. They have long-term relationships. They are successful in their careers and in life.

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