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Customer Loyalty

Every organization’s learning needs are unique. Your firm deserves a loyalty learning system custom-tailored to organization’s specific customer challenges and market issues. Recommended by Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, this book is a must-read for any sized business.

Learn how to keep more of your customers
Customer Winback

Customer Winback

Most firms consider the lost customer a lost cause. But in this ground breaking book, Jill Griffin and Michael Lowenstein provide you with step-by-step solutions for winning back lost customers, saving customers on the brink of defection, and making your firm defection proof.

Learn how to win back clients you can't afford to lose.
Follow These Leaders

Follow These Leaders

What if you could gather the smartest people you know into one room and ask them anything? Who would be there? What would you ask? Most likely you would want a wide range of advisors who had been there and done that; people who succeeded; people who failed and got up and dusted themselves off and won the battle anyway.

Learn from those who've been there and done that.
Women Make Great Leaders

Women Make Great Leaders

This is a book about women who have beaten the odds. Early on, they heard the whispers….the inner-call to leadership. They answered, and continue to answer it, with fierce passion—and the courage, boldness and resilience required to rise to the next level and the next, and the next.

Real-world lessons to accelerate your climb
Corporate Board Book

Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board

7 Actions to Build Your Career, Elevate Your Leadership, and Expand Your Influence

Learn what it takes to earn your seat

Taming the Search-and-Switch Customer

This very minute, your best customers are likably searching and switching! This book helps you conquer this big, new loyalty threat. Customer loyalty strategies have turned a brand new page. Have you?

Learn how your customer's shopping habits work