The success of your business teeters on people’s perceptions of the value you offer.

This means your revenue, your performance in the market — even your ability to live the lifestyle you dream of — comes down to how you communicate that value.

My course will teach you market-proven ways to make your best customers stick and how to out-perform and out-smart your competitors. Every single time.

what you’ll learn
UNLOCK Areas of new and hidden customer value
BUILD Unbreakable bonds with customers
EARN Customer trust faster and with more reliability
TRANSFORM Customer loyalty into a thriving, profitable business
Why learn from me?

I’ve spent decades in foxholes with clients learning what works and what doesn’t. From small, ambitious startups to global giants and Fortune 500 powerhouses.

I’ve written best-selling books on customer loyalty and authored a popular LinkedIn Learning course on creating customer value.

I’ve keynoted countless conferences in faraway countries…and taught classrooms full of marketing students at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

I’ve repackaged an entire career’s worth of sought-after expertise into simple, bite-sized lessons you can apply to your own business with ease and confidence.

And you’ll learn these secrets through compelling real-life stories and eye-opening case studies.

See what others are saying about the course

As a former Fortune 100 officer, when Jill Griffin teaches it, I sign up!

Jeffrey Hayzlett

We regularly return to Jill’s courses for inspiration and to keep us on our toes in a fiercely competitive market.

Gylfi Skarphedinsson

Jill’s training unlocks the latent power to do just that.  There are so many immediate ideas generated to make an immediate difference.

Deborah Cole

Jill’s “follow the process” methodology has been part of my business development DNA for years and it continues to pay off for me every day.  Now you, to, can up your game buy signing up for this course.

Don R. Kuykendall

When has it ever been more important, or more challenging, to understand what your customers value most and how to deliver it? That’s the competitive edge Jill Griffin’s online course.

Ralph Hasson

Based on my organization’s experience, Jill’s online course will be of great benefit to business leaders striving to understand provide for their customer needs.

F. Gary Valdez
Unlock Customer Value