Jill Griffin

Author, Board Seat Mentor, Loyalty Expert,
and former Vice Chair Luby’s/Fuddruckers

Jill Griffin is a best-selling author of six books, most notably Customer Loyalty: How to Earn it. How to Keep it.

As CEO of The Jill Griffin Group, Jill empowers businesses to build customer loyalty blueprints that grow profits. She’s referred to as “The Customer Loyalty Maker” for bringing her innovative strategies to professionals, customers and staff. Her strategies, trainings, and speeches have reached and impacted tens of thousands of business people worldwide.

Her clients include Dell, Microsoft, Spring, Hyatt Hotels, Toyota, Siemens, Subaru, Ford Motor Company, DFW Airport, Western Union, Raytheon Aircraft, Hewlett Packard and the European Conference for Customer Management to name a few.

Jill served as Independent Corporate Director of Luby’s/Fuddruckers for decades, and recently as retired as Vice Chair. She chronicles her know-how in Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board (Linked to Amazon) and is passionate about helping others land their board seats!

Along with being brilliant and yet a down-to-earth storyteller, Jill creates experiences that elevate the learning because people can relate, feel recognized and valued. They’re inspired to find and deliver their “customer magic.”

Jill is a great strategic thinker who communicates well and is clear on her point of view. She is also very receptive to opposing views and extremely enjoyable and responsive to work with.

Roy Camberg

I have heard her present in small groups, large audiences, and on national television—no matter the venue, Jill hits the target.

Bill Fitzpatrick

Jill Griffin can do it all. She is a poised and articulate speaker, long-time board member, former corporate executive, best-selling author, and problem-solving consultant. Working with Jill is a sure thing!

Dennis Welch

Jill Griffin is one of the most dynamic and supportive women you will meet! Her energy is contagious and she has a keen business acumen that she never hesitates to share.

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