Jill’s mission is to help firms, large and small, build customer loyalty, engagement and retention programs.

Customer loyalty is critical to your bottom line success.

As a Vice Chair of Luby’s/Fuddruckers Restaurants (NYSE – LUB), Jill knows what real customer service means and how customer service is valued. Her knowledge, wisdom and experience are expressed through her books, her corporate trainings, workshops and speeches, with the focus of helping companies, large and small, to capture, retain and even win back customers they can’t afford to lose.

In her book, Customer Loyalty: How to Earn it, How to keep it, a study by research firm Marketing Metrics uncovered that overall, companies have a much better chance of gaining business from former customers than from new prospects.

15 %
Chance of turning prospects into customers
30 %
Chance of successfully selling to previous customers
65 %
Chance of selling to current customers again (and again)
Jill Griffin
No matter how advanced we get in the digital age, the basics of customer loyalty matter more today than ever. Competition is greater, more choices are available and those companies that know the true essence of customer service and implement specific principles are the ones who will retain, sustain, profit and continue to prove relevant.
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