Tell me a time when you felt really challenged?

Tell me a time when you felt really challenged?

It was July of 1977. I was waiting tables at Myrtle Beach, hoping to get Univ. of S.C. aid for MBA school. I had been accepted into the program and applied for financial aid. It had been three months, and still no word about money. I was scared and desperate.

I took off work and drove three hours to the University, stopping by the Registrars Office to get a copy of my hard-won grades. Then, I camped outside the MBA Director’s office. Finally, he saw me. I sat down and place my grades on his desk. I said, “Dr. Lyles, I desperately want my MBA. I have no money, but I know you do. How do I get some of it?”

That question ultimately got me two assistant-ships and a fellowship. I graduated from the two-year MBA program owing only $750.

Leadership Lesson:

Don’t wait to be recognized. When you’ve earned the “goods,” confidently ask for what you need. You’ll likely be amazed by the results!

Say yes to a messy, burdensome assignment no one else wants.

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