Who are your MVCs?

Who are your MVCs?

Our digital world makes it easy for your best customers to “Search-and-Switch

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(Check out my book, Taming The Search-and-Switch Customer) [link](https://www.amazon.com/Search—Switch-Customer-Compulsion—Compare/dp/0470345047/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8) Above all, you must insulate your best customers from leaving!


  1. Identify the 20% of your customers producing 80& of your revenue.
  2. Create a “Surprise and Delight” plan for each of them.
  3. For example, send flowers on a wedding anniversary.
  4. Avoid the obvious holidays.
  5. Do something nice for their child.
  6. It is about getting personal.

This is a post as part of my blog series about Earning Customer Loyalty in a Digital World.  Along with sharing what I know, I’ll be reaching out to experts for their tips on making the most of digital platforms. Whether you are a solo contributor, small to medium-size business owner or play a role on a Corporate Team (or some combination), I’ll be writing with you in mind. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, etc.—there’s lots to learn!

And, readers, please let me hear from you — Many of you are thought leaders and experts in your own field. Please share your knowledge and call me out when I have something wrong. That way, we can be on this learning journey together!

The women I know who have high-responsibility leadership positions are all risk takers.