The Buyer’s POV

The Buyer’s POV

About five years ago, I discovered the Vonlane Luxury bus that runs between major Texas cities.

As I write this, I am traveling from Houston to Austin. The bus is pure comfort .  On this trip,   Joy, is my attendant. Ann is the bus driver. Their motto is “luxury on Wheels.”

A welcome video greets you on arrival and tells you have to get WiFi.  (if you have ridden before, the Wifi remembers your device. A lovely announcer explains other “Rules for the road.”

 Most people are courteous and do not make phone calls, but are cautioned on Welcome Video to keep them short and use their “library” voice.

On this trip, lunch was an option: I had a choice of salads (Chicken Ceasar is my favorite) assorted wraps and sandwiches most any water or soda you want. The snack basket is circulated by the attendant and she encourages me to take of the treats home.

The Vonlane offer blankets, a lap desk and the comfortable leather chair fully reclines for a snooze. This Vonlane picks up at the Hyatt Regency (Hous you off  the Hyatt in Austin.

Fares are reasonable.


  1. Vonlane discovered and an under-served market.
  2. Your show your driver’s license on boarding but none of the security requirements when you fly.
  3. Reresvations  are easily changed.
  4. Word-of-mouth is very favorable.
  5. The experience is consistent. Repeat customers flourish

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