Personalized Digital Experiences

Personalized Digital Experiences

Here’s what Lou Blatt shared on the OpenText Blog:

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in March 2020, in-store shopping was not an option. For many consumers this meant a switch to online buying – even for large, expensive items that pre-COVID they would have purchased in a brick-and-mortar store, like furniture, laptops or TVs. This shift created a gap in the face-to-face sales process [making exceptional digital experiences critical.]

The stakes are high: A recent consumer survey commissioned by OpenText™ shows that for 59% of respondents, a personalized digital experience was vital to becoming a repeat customer. In a year in which face-to-face interactions have not been possible, being able to deliver an exceptional digital _customer experience is now critical to winning customer loyalty…..

Customers are looking for digital experiences that deliver a frictionless experience and meet their individual, _personalized needs: 56% of respondents indicated they only buy from brands that understand and respect their communication preferences, and 53% prefer to buy from brands that remember or auto-fill their details.
Providing an excellent digital customer experience can make or break a sale. 44% of respondents said they will try to only interact with businesses that offer an excellent experience online, and 28% said they won’t use a brand at all if the experience isn’t excellent. This means that for 72% of respondents, having an excellent digital customer experience is a key factor in their purchasing decision.

The good news is that with increasing expectations comes the opportunity to win customer loyalty. In fact, 66% of our survey respondents indicated they were more likely to buy again from brands which treated them like an individual—in other words, brands who offered truly personalized customer experiences.”

Regularly survey your digital customers. Your biggest buyers matter most.

Make the survey quick and easy. Here’s some sample questions:


  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. From one (unhappy) to ten (very happy), how would you rate your experience with us?
  3. How can we better personalize your experience?
  4. On a scale of zero (unlikely) to ten (very likely), how likely would you be to recommend us to friends or family?
  5. What else can we improve?

This is a post as part of my blog series about Earning Customer Loyalty in a Digital World.  Along with sharing what I know, I’ll be reaching out to experts for their tips on making the most of digital platforms. Whether you are a solo contributor, small to medium-size business owner or play a role on a Corporate Team (or some combination), I’ll be writing with you in mind. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, etc.—there’s lots to learn!

And, readers, please let me hear from you — Many of you are thought leaders and experts in your own field. Please share your knowledge and call me out when I have something wrong. That way, we can be on this learning journey together!

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