Make it Easy

Make it Easy

With so much buying online, customer expect an efficient return system.  Amazon set’s a high bar:

For example, I wanted to reduce my cable bill, so I bought an antenae from Amazon for my Smart TV, but by accident bought two. I read online that I could return the extra one to WholeFoods (now owned by Amazon.) I entered the grocery store and on my immediate right was a kiosk with two people to help. After a little coaching, I returned the antennae and, a few minutes later my card was credited.


  1. Returns can be frustrating.
  2. I suspect many companies make it hard to discourage them. This is so short-sighted. (I have a girlfriend who rarely returns anything because of past hassles. I’ll bet she donates these items so she is not reminded.)
  3. Amazon enlisted real people to help. This was not self-service.
  4. Clearly, Amazon had carefully crafted the customer return journey to make it easy.
  5. These tactics increase word-of-mouth.  Look at me!  I’m spreading the word.

This is a post as part of my blog series about Earning Customer Loyalty in a Digital World.  Along with sharing what I know, I’ll be reaching out to experts for their tips on making the most of digital platforms. Whether you are a solo contributor, small to medium-size business owner or play a role on a Corporate Team (or some combination), I’ll be writing with you in mind. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, etc.—there’s lots to learn!

And, readers, please let me hear from you — Many of you are thought leaders and experts in your own field. Please share your knowledge and call me out when I have something wrong. That way, we can be on this learning journey together!

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