“Get Me In The Room Where It Happens”

“Get Me In The Room Where It Happens”

“Get me in the room where it happens.” That’s a catch-phrase from the prize-winning play, Hamilton, that I saw in Kansas City this past weekend.

Seeing the play got me to thinking about Mr. Hamilton and I wanted to know more. Here’s what I learned: “Get me in the room where it happens” wasn’t just an idea that he had. Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant man who actually did get himself in the right rooms based on his brains and brawn.

Getting invited into the right “rooms” is still the key to success, right?

And how do we make that happen today? One word: Generosity.

Here’s some ways to practice generosity:

  • Give more than you take.
  • When you meet a new colleague, focus on that person’s goals and aspirations and then help her achieve it.
  • Never turn down an opportunity to share your hard-earned networks with others.
  • Buy yourself some customized stationery and write personal notes after a meet-up. Our late president, George H. W. Bush was known for this.
  • When you get in the right room, and get yourself established, remember to invite others in.

This Fourth of July, I’m so grateful to live in the America established by our Founding Fathers. I marvel at their timeless brilliance.


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