Five Customer Questions

Five Customer Questions

Now more than ever, it is imperative that you motivate your customers to resist competitive alternatives and stick with you.

These questions are proven. Get help from IT to have them delivered a week or two after the purchase.
Collect these answers and share them across your company…C-Suite, Managers, Front liners….and ask for input on where the “holes” are and how to continually sharpen you value proposition.

In the Digital Age, you can’t wait!


  1. What do you like about buying from us?
  2. Why did you buy from us in the first place?
  3. What problems did you have before you bought from us?
  4. How have we helped you solve those problems?
  5. How are things better for you know.

The last question is the most important because it tells you, in the language of the customer, what a positive result looks like for that customer.

This is a post as part of my blog series about Earning Customer Loyalty in a Digital World.  Along with sharing what I know, I’ll be reaching out to experts for their tips on making the most of digital platforms. Whether you are a solo contributor, small to medium-size business owner or play a role on a Corporate Team (or some combination), I’ll be writing with you in mind. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, etc.—there’s lots to learn!

And, readers, please let me hear from you — Many of you are thought leaders and experts in your own field. Please share your knowledge and call me out when I have something wrong. That way, we can be on this learning journey together!

Embrace your wild side. Big ideas can be goofy at first.

Submit a Digital Success StoryI look forward to sharing our learning together!

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