Competitors Help Your Customers Switch

Competitors Help Your Customers Switch

In the digital age, competitors are always lurking and eager to switch-away your customer.

A while back, my firm surveyed more than 500 executives representing a wide cross-section to B2B and B2C industries . Consider this eye-opening finding: 59 percent of sales reps and 43% of marketing execs reported using switching tools to reduce the hassles customers encounter when moving their accounts.

For example, banks have long relied on the HooK Principle to retain customers. Direct deposits for social security and pensions, monthly withdrawal of insurance fees, utility bills, etc. have long kept customers tied to banks they just as well leave.

But now competitors across many industries are wising up. They are removing the “red tape” that frustrate customers by offering clever switching assistance. The tools include helping fill out paper work, fee waivers and welcome gifts. Some have designed “switching kits that clarify steps customers can follow to move the account.



  1. Know the signs of customers preparing to leave.
  2. In banking, moving a “direct deposit” is a big clue.
  3. A customer who pulls back on the number of product lines bought from you is another.
  4. Monitor closely the behaviors of your best customers. They are at the top of your competitors “most wanted” list.

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