I teach aspiring board directors the proven strategies for earning a seat. To accomplish this, I offer one-on-one coaching, hands-on workshops and customized keynotes incorporating the perfect stories for inspiring your audience.

Jill Griffin on Fox Business Mornings with Maria

Watch my appearance on Fox News Mornings with Maria and listen to the Wharton Business Radio podcast Women@Work with Laura Zarrow.

“By supporting the advancement of corporate board leadership and good governance, Jill has been a pioneer on this front and instrumental in helping connect boards to candidates while educating aspiring directors on the path to directorship. Her efforts with advancing women and diversity candidates in the boardroom has been tremendous. I highly recommend reading her books on the subject and getting caught up in her infectious connectivity.”

Julie Pitts

Regional Director,  National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)

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Technology Is No Substitute For Client Face Time

In our world of technology, it is easy for folks to feel isolated. Yes, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can help, but nothing takes the place of personal touch-points.


To Achieve Your Goals: Visualize, Actualize, Repeat

Many of us are only scratching the surface of our true potential, and I hope to help deliver that spark for others to unleash it! We can never afford to settle comfortably into cruise control and rest on our laurels.


How to Get Great Customer Service

Always be kind to the front line, whether in person or a call center. Often their hands are tied and they are doing their jobs with the tools they have been given. Show them empathy.


How My Small-Town Grocer Made Customer Service Magic

What magical moments are you creating for your customers that differentiates you from your competitors?

When asked, can your buyers describe the moments and articulate your differences?

Can your staffers articulate them? Your supply partners?


How Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Almost Didn’t Happen

Instead of trying to ignore or change the thing that makes you different: Feature it!


To Be Successful, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Boots Muddy

Growing up on a farm there were expectations to work hard and be grateful. It’s amazing how many times I’ve leaned on these two traits to push through barriers and times of challenge. Get back out there and get your boots muddy and do it with a smile.


Beating The Holiday Blues

That’s very interesting, isn’t it? The same holiday season and yet two opposite responses to it-pure joy, and all the enthusiasm of getting a root canal.


To Be Successful, See Obstacles As Opportunities

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Innovators are often disruptors with ideas that challenge the status quo. By the very nature of those ideas, you will receive lots of feedback. Listen to it all, evaluate whether it makes sense to you, use what helps and forget the rest.

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