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New & Noteworthy

Making Lemonade: An Interview With Real Estate Leader Diane Ramirez

Know your strengths. Embracing who you are will allow your authenticity to shine. source https://www.forbes.com/sites/jillgriffin/2018/12/13/making-lemonade-an-interview-with-real-estate-leader-diane-ramirez/


The Hustle For Women Directors

When women can see themselves around that all-important board table, it sends a message:  I can do it too.


Turn Your Dreamer Back On

Regret is a lot worse than failure. Wherever you are today and in whatever your circumstances, be fearless. Don’t play it safe.


Intel’s Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Diversity and inclusion cannot be treated as an add-on. It’s an integral part of how we do business.


How This Female CEO Increased Her Tech Team To 33% Women

My executive team and I were in a unique position to build a dynamic team the right way from the start. We were committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment.


Six Ways To Be A Great Conversationalist

Even in our “let’s just text’ world, sitting across the table and having a dialogue is as powerful as ever.

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