I teach aspiring board directors the proven strategies for earning a seat. To accomplish this, I offer one-on-one coaching, hands-on workshops and customized keynotes incorporating the perfect stories for inspiring your audience.

Jill Griffin on Fox Business Mornings with Maria

Watch my appearance on Fox News Mornings with Maria and listen to the Wharton Business Radio podcast Women@Work with Laura Zarrow.

“By supporting the advancement of corporate board leadership and good governance, Jill has been a pioneer on this front and instrumental in helping connect boards to candidates while educating aspiring directors on the path to directorship. Her efforts with advancing women and diversity candidates in the boardroom has been tremendous. I highly recommend reading her books on the subject and getting caught up in her infectious connectivity.”

Julie Pitts

Regional Director,  National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)

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If You Want A Successful Life, You Have To Craft It

I always listen to my gut and passion. I don’t try to live up to perfection, I just want my life to make me happy in every way possible – for me.


Ten Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Conference

While online learning is a great way to brush up on our skills and add some vital info and lessons to our repertoire, there are some distinct advantages to being with other people. Going to conferences can be a rich and rewarding (and profitable) endeavor.


The Problem With Honesty

Being honest with ourselves about this revelation forces us to choose one path or the other, to get to know ourselves, our strengths, who we really are and how we are wired. Let’s take a look at each one of these stops on the road to an honest and productive career and life.


How Academy Sports Delighted Me

How Academy Sports Delighted Me!I was in search of a sturdy bicycle helmet and Academy Sports (off Austin Tx Highway 183) was my first stop.


Three Steps To Elating Your Customers And Winning Their Hearts

People on a mission take others with them. They want you and your organization to succeed and it is their pleasure to do everything in their power to see that it happens.

Engaged employees plus great managers equals engaged customers. A simple but not easy formula for success.


How To Find A Great Mentor

Mentoring is an important part of personal and professional growth. Formal mentoring programs are a great way to ensure all employees get the support they need.


Humility: The Jet Fuel For Your Career

Humility is the voice in our head that breaks through our chutzpah and tells us we don’t know everything after all. It helps us seek out the right mentors and it helps us listen carefully when they speak truth to us.


Technology Is No Substitute For Client Face Time

In our world of technology, it is easy for folks to feel isolated. Yes, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can help, but nothing takes the place of personal touch-points.

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