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How Skydiving And Leadership Are Alike

If you want truly great results, you have to push yourself. Discomfort is a necessary path to excellence. No shortcuts.


Three Keys To Help You Rise To The Top

Don’t make the men in charge of your organization your enemy. You will need champions, trusted advisers to help you interpret the business landscape, inside the firm and out. And you can’t be mentored by an adversary.


If You Want Something, Go And Get It

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they are your best learning tool. Learning from other’s experiences is extremely important to help shape yours (mentors are a must). Even when things seem to go right, think of how they could go wrong and always have a back up plan (or seven) in place.


Don’t Just Dream About Success, Get Started

The network of friends you have now – teammates, colleagues, siblings, etc. can be a very powerful group. Don’t underestimate the power of female friendships in growing your professional network. Find like-minded people who like to do what you like to do and keep them close!


Why Run 650 Miles To Be Successful?

Believe in yourself whilst being humble, learn from everyone around you, even those who aren’t at first glance aspirational to you. Expect setbacks, they always come, condition yourself to learn from them.


Helping Veterans Find Their Next Mission

Diversity is a mindset. It is not about having more representation for the sake of appearing diverse. If we don’t have more diverse voices in our companies, we may not be making the right decisions.


To The Class of 2019: Guard Your Reputation If You Want To Succeed

Every day we make deposits or withdrawals with our words, actions, and decisions. You don’t want a negative account balance when you need to make some withdrawals!


Another Way To The Corner Office

In hindsight, I believe I learned much more from working in the field during the time I spent running my father’s business than I would have in the classroom, had I pursued a full-time college degree.

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