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To Be Successful, Know What You Don’t Know

It’s OK to know that you don’t have all the answers and to admit it – but it’s not OK to be totally oblivious of the fact.


How Your Firm Can Beat The Summer Slump

The American work ethic has made us the greatest country on the planet. That said, if our employees don’t take time off from work, stress, poor health and burnout surface and that’s bad for business.


Bring Your Best Self To Work

My first manager at Cisco, Diane Beamer, told me to do whatever I needed to personally to ensure I brought my best self to work. I extend that to everyone who ever works for me. It leads to a happier, more fulfilled team.


Can You Hear Me Now?

Above all, be brave. If you determine that you are in the wrong place, walk away on your terms. You’ll be fine. Chalk it up to a great life lesson and never, ever look back.


“Get Me In The Room Where It Happens”

Getting invited into the right “rooms” is still the key to success, right?

And how do we make that happen today? One word: Generosity.


To Be Successful, Never Take Anything For Granted and Keep Learning

Young, talented and ambitious women need to realize their own potential and be forever unstoppable. Believe that you can conquer the world and not take any No’s. If you believe in it, with passion, perseverance and the complete belief in yourself, you will get there.

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Forging a path for women on boards

It was great discussing the growing trend of getting women on corporate boards on Fox Business News!


If You Want To Rise, Pay Close Attention To Your Leadership Brand

Whether you are trying to sell an idea to your colleagues or trying to make your mark in a competitive industry, it is important to be aware of your image and business reputation.

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