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Condoleezza Rice: A Lesson In Overcoming Hurdles

If you have ever been stopped cold in your tracks by one career hurdle or another you know how much it feels like failure. But the truth is, sometimes hurdles are our best friends because they force us to stop and face the fact that it’s time to change something. That's how we find what’s…
Jill with Nancy Kerrigan at KPMG Women’s Leadership Summitt

Hitting The Pause Button: A Lesson In Greatness From Nancy Kerrigan

Step back. Hit the pause button. Give yourself time to assimilate and take in what all will be involved in successfully reaching your goal, whatever that may be. Continue Reading
Lynne Doughtie, U.S. chairman and CEO of KPMG

Self-Confidence: How To Find It, How To Keep It

Self Confidence. Every body wants it, but how to get it and keep it is something of a mystery. This seems particularly true for women leaders. Step out and step up to your next exciting challenge. You’ve got this. You have all the gifts and talent you need.


The Downside Of Greatness: The Moments That Redefine Us

Always have a rock in your shoe. Always be striving to do and be more and get better every day. Always be happy where you are, but never be satisfied.


What To Do When You’re On The Outs With A Colleague

It is a sure bet that wherever there are people there will be conflict of one kind or another. Differences of opinion, clashing egos, and misunderstandings all contribute to these stressful situations. Are you at odds with a co-worker? If you are, there’s good news. You can fix it. Continue Reading

Why Office Politics Is A Good Thing

If you are not currently engaging in office politics, it’s time to get started. Being politically savvy is a crucial ingredient in your career success. Forging good relationships up and down the org chart is a sure way to get yourself promoted, and a key to becoming a respected leader. Continue Reading
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