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New & Noteworthy


Leadership Lessons From Herb Kelleher

I have heard it said that love is something you do. No better example of that than Herb Kelleher.


To Be Successful, Keep Moving And Stay Humble

I always was told “Do more than what is asked of you” and “Ask a lot of questions.” I always considered my career my own business. It’s no secret that the world is full of competition. I needed to stand out. I wanted to surprise people by giving them more than what they asked.


The Siren Call Of Leadership

The great leaders that we admire are always inclusive. We often mention Kennedy and MLK in the same breath, but their styles were very different. Yet, they found their own unique way to get it done. And they made us believe that we could do it.


Want To Get Back Into The Workforce? Try ‘Returnships’

The Mom Project is the career destination for moms. Through our digital marketplace, we connect a community of over 100k women with opportunities at top companies like Etsy and AT&T. Our vision is to design a future where women never have to choose between their families or their career.


Life Lessons & Career Advice

Getting good advice could be a game-changer in putting your career on the path to success.


To Be Truly Successful, Find Your Passion (And Eat More Cake)

Right before my friend’s mother passed away, he asked her what she would have done differently in her life. Her simple answer, “Eat more cake.” Those words have stuck with me for over 15 years.


How To Engineer A Successful Career And Life

Be your own advocate.


Re-Calibrating Our 2019 Resolutions

Feel the success that consistency brings.

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