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What Happens When Your Customers Love You

I don’t have a huge sample size to draw a conclusion from, but I can tell you unequivocally that when I fall in love with a brand I talk about it a lot to anyone who will listen.


Where Diligence Can Lead You

Leaders transform organizations when they model the changes they want to see in their own actions — when their followers see them doing the right things and not just talking about them.


When The Tough Get Coding

Seek out what you love and go for it. That’s what I did. I set goals and pursued them. Get a good education, seek the right mentors, insert yourself in the right situations, make yourself relevant. Believe in yourself. You can be your own best friend or your worst enemy.


Winning Customers (And Winning Them Back)

Find the right people. Build trust throughout your organization. Give everyone the authority to elate your customers.


Alignment, Diversity And Love

Alignment leadership is designed to give everyone in an organization a target so that their win, their success, is within their control. It’s really meant to turn people loose to pursue a common purpose.


To Be Successful, Find A Need And Fill It

Everything can always be solved with great people AND only great people can solve hard problems.


Finding Boards That Would Welcome You

Most important, be flexible and listen to your instincts. It’s been my experience that when you are clear about your intentions, the universe will align to help you.


If You Want To Rise, Ask The Right Questions

Never be afraid to ask a question because a smart, well-phrased question makes you look confident and informed – not stupid, as so many assume or fear their questions will seem.

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