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New & Noteworthy

Fashion Pioneer Ruth Finley’s Brilliant Invention

Don’t forget who’s watching you. Your children, your fellow workers, your siblings. They will be more willing to step out and step up if they see you doing it. As I read about Ms. Finley’s life I felt great admiration for her. It reminded me of what one person can do if they are willing…


High School Dropout Promoted To Chief Of San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank

Diversity ensures that new ideas surface, and allows all people to have a voice at the table.


The Bias of Class: Why It’s Such A Taboo Subject And What To Do About It

With the heavy emphasis on diversity and inclusion, it seems un-American somehow to talk about class.


9 Easy Ways To Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile Today

If you aren’t on LinkedIn now, this is a great time to build your first footprint.


Follow These Five Rules To Make Your LinkedIn Photo Stand Out

To make the most of your profile, you need the right tools.


California Mandates More Women On Corporate Boards

“A woman’s natural aptitude for intuition, diplomacy and values-based decision making are critical to leadership.”

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