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Another Way To The Corner Office

In hindsight, I believe I learned much more from working in the field during the time I spent running my father’s business than I would have in the classroom, had I pursued a full-time college degree.


Purpose, Passion And Payoff

I firmly believe the more time you can spend in that intersection where your passions lie and where your aptitude is, the more fun you’re going to have and the more successful you’re going to be in your job.

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My Recent C-Suite Conversation

I enjoyed my conversation with C-Suite TV. Take a peek and get then order the book! 🙂


Be A Good Samaritan

Take some time today to look around you. Pay close attention to the conversations you have and the countenance of those you are conversing with. Not everyone in trouble will reach out to you or even look like they are struggling. But they are there. Close by you.


If You Want To Be Successful, Be Tenacious

Get mentors. Not just one, but many. Ones who are doing what you want to do, ones who took another path. Ones who look like you, ones who do not. Mentors who truly care about you and your success. Life is a team sport, and everyone in your circle can help you reach your goals.


What the Future Holds

It’s the graduation season again. Hopeful men and women will walk across the stage and then step out into the future. If you are one of those, what will you find there?

I’m no soothsayer, but let me make some predictions anyway.


You Can Have Fun And Profitability At Work

The takeaway here is that your name and your reputation is everything, and whether or not an opportunity comes your way depends on what is said about you in a time or place that you have no control over.


What Tiger Woods Can Teach Us

Everybody fails. Everybody falls. We are all human, after all. But mercy lifts us. Forgiveness allows us to move on and try again.

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