I teach aspiring board directors the proven strategies for earning a seat. To accomplish this, I offer one-on-one coaching, hands-on workshops and customized keynotes incorporating the perfect stories for inspiring your audience.

Jill Griffin on Fox Business Mornings with Maria

Watch my appearance on Fox News Mornings with Maria and listen to the Wharton Business Radio podcast Women@Work with Laura Zarrow.

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Feeling the Buzz at J.C. Penney

When you take on a challenge like this, don’t look back, look forward. Keep your finger on the pulse on what customers, associates and channel partners want and need. Then, execute. And do it bravely while still being circumspect about how things are going.


Build A Culture Of Acceptance

If you’re interested in something, raise your hand and ask for it. Women are often fantastic advocates for others, but not always for ourselves. Over the years, I am grateful to have found mentors who really encouraged me to have those conversations. It’s made all the difference.


Testing The Waters

The journey is a marathon, not a sprint and sometimes things might not always go as planned. That’s OK. But having that long-term vision of where you want to be 5 years down the line will help you stay on course.


A Lost Customer Is Not A Lost Cause

There are always noticeable clues that can tell you that your on the brink of losing a customer. Pay attention. Monitor closely. Act swiftly before the relationship sours.

The sooner you realize the customer is about to be lost, the quicker and better you can act to reverse it.


The Comeback Is Always Better Than The Setback

Even the most influential people have hard times, but the comeback is always better than the setback.


Podcast: Take the Lead by Dr. Diane Hamilton

I had a great time visiting with Diane on her podcast! Listen to the whole interview here.


What Happens When Your Customers Love You

I don’t have a huge sample size to draw a conclusion from, but I can tell you unequivocally that when I fall in love with a brand I talk about it a lot to anyone who will listen.


Where Diligence Can Lead You

Leaders transform organizations when they model the changes they want to see in their own actions — when their followers see them doing the right things and not just talking about them.

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