Women Make Great Leaders

My latest book is about women who have beaten the odds.

Early on, they heard the whispers….the inner-call to leadership. They answered, and continue to answer it, with fierce passion—and the courage, boldness and resilience required to rise to the next level and the next, and the next.

They continually polish their talent with a capacity to work really hard, help others succeed, and play the game “fair and honest.” They never lose sight that their purpose is to be kind, generous, and to dare greatly to make the world a better place.

These women are doers and risk takers. They face their fears head-on. When they misstep, they pick themselves up and use the lesson to inform their steps forward. Along the way, they are patient with the ebb and flow of life. Many become devoted wives, partners and mothers while still building careers and influence. They all remain true to their “work” as leaders in the world, carrying it out with the grace, diplomacy and fortitude it requires.

Welcome to the lessons these amazing women teach us.

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Praise for Women Make Great Leaders

Not every woman who climbs the corporate ladder will vanish. This amazing book highlights the women who stand in their leadership abilities, no matter the life/career winds that blow. Thank you Jill for highlighting the true impact of women in leadership roles outside the home and community. Here’s to all of us continuously pressing forward while we encourage others along the journey and challenge our peers to do the same. Fortitude!

Ada-Renee Johnson
Head of SWE & Diversity Pipeline, Google, Inc.

Jill Griffin’s stories of successful leaders will inspire readers to use all of their gifts and talents and rise to every occasion. This book will open doors!

Frances Hesselbein
President and CEO, Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

A book for anyone who aspires to become a leader at any level in any organization or any point in their career. She has created a wonderful integration of real life stories of people. Jill’s book transcends categories of people who became successful leaders by learning how to grow and adapt to ever more complex and ambiguous demands of their capabilities with supporting analyses and guidelines to back each story. A highly consumable “how-to” grow yourself. It’s accessible to all.

Bruce Ballengee
Founder & CEO Pariveda Solutions

Jill has blazed a leadership trail to the very pinnacle of the corporate world. She obviously took excellent notes along the way. Rather than rest on her laurels, Jill has crafted a thoughtful road map for aspiring women—generously marked with critical signposts. Her tried and true advice is a must read for those who seek to challenge their limits.

Honorable Harriet O’Neill
Justice (Ret.), Supreme Court of Texas
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