Leadership Workshops

Whether you are seeking a corporate training for your employees, one-on-one guidance, or an event speaker for your professional association, Jill can create a program that meets your specific needs.

We continually develop a variety of workshops and trainings to help women leaders achieve their greatest potential.

Here are a few workshops that work well with groups of all sizes and can be adapted for your program.

Leadership in a Word

Length: 1 Hour

This workshop is a fun yet insightful way to think about leadership and helps women understand what it means to be a successful leader. Jill will share case studies and tangible examples to help women begin to develop their own path to leadership success.

Women Make Great Leaders

Length: 4 hours

This workshop covers several in-depth topics, such as finding your passion and purpose, setting your path to outstanding leadership, taking risks, championing your team, finding your people, and learning to say ‘no.’ Jill will set a roadmap for leadership success and can customize this session depending on the experience level of your group. This is typically conducted over two-hour sessions but can also be split into four 1-hour sessions.

Other topics

  • Passion and Purpose
  • The path to outstanding leadership
  • Who’s Your Hero?
  • Be a Mentally Strong Woman
  • Seize Your Opportunities
  • Insist on Feedback
  • Be a Risk Taker
  • Learn to Say No
  • Beware of Bullies
  • Go While the Going is Good
  • Find Your People
  • Champion Your People
  • Get out of Line
  • Outthink Ordinary
  • Mind Your Manners
  • Do your Own Thang
  • Refill Your Tank
  • Always Be Humble and Kind

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