Jill Griffin

I always knew in my heart that a lost customer was not a lost cause.

In the course of partnering with Michael Lowenstein on corporate loyalty studies, he suggested we pen a book on customer winback. I did some digging and realized it was a fresh topic.

In fact, the topic was so unexamined that it took us two years to simply do the research! Mike and I really hustled and interviewed scores of firms. And, thankfully, our hard work paid off: We uncovered facts, case studies and many fascinating examples to prove that customer win back really works. The result is our book, Customer Winback: How to Recapture Lost Customers and Make Them Loyal.

Later, I conducted this research that polled B2B sales managers, marketing managers and purchasing managers. The results showed how few firms pay attention to lost customers and how purchase managers consider the customer value delivered by marketing and sales managers to be less than optimal. Yet, as often happens, these providers gauged their own performance in a more favorable light.


Always look for fresh new ways to add value every day. That’s how customer loyalty is earned and kept.

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