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Praise for Women Make Great Leaders

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  • Ada-Renee Johnson

    Not every woman who climbs the corporate ladder will vanish. This amazing book highlights the women who stand in their leadership abilities, no matter the life/career winds that blow. Thank you Jill for highlighting the true impact of women in leadership roles outside the home and community. Here’s to all of us continuously pressing forward while we encourage others along the journey and challenge our peers to do the same. Fortitude!

  • Frances Hesselbein

    Jill Griffin’s stories of successful leaders will inspire readers to use all of their gifts and talents and rise to every occasion. This book will open doors!

  • Bruce Ballengee

    A book for anyone who aspires to become a leader at any level in any organization or any point in their career. She has created a wonderful integration of real life stories of people. Jill’s book transcends categories of people who became successful leaders by learning how to grow and adapt to ever more complex and ambiguous demands of their capabilities with supporting analyses and guidelines to back each story. A highly consumable “how-to” grow yourself. It’s accessible to all.

  • Honorable Harriet O’Neill

    Jill has blazed a leadership trail to the very pinnacle of the corporate world. She obviously took excellent notes along the way. Rather than rest on her laurels, Jill has crafted a thoughtful road map for aspiring women—generously marked with critical signposts. Her tried and true advice is a must read for those who seek to challenge their limits.

  • Arthur R. Emerson

    I’ve had the good fortune to have been surrounded by very successful women who inspired in me the values of hard work, a big picture attitude and the need to contribute to the success of others. In this book, Jill Griffin uniquely, captures what all of us should know about passion, vision, courage and leadership.

  • Linda L. Golden, JD, PhD

    Women Make Great Leaders features successful women to motivate all—both men and women. It provides food for thought and tangible action specifics illustrated in achieving women’s stories. A must read for people of all ages, genders and life stages.

  • Dorie Clark

    This book is an invaluable guide that will help you—or a woman you care about—tap into your own true leadership potential. Jill Griffin pushes past the myths and misconceptions, and provides smart insights about how professional advancement and achieve- ment really works.

  • Margie Warrell

    When more women sit at the decision making tables, better decisions are made. This book is a valuable resource for any women who wants to step up to the leadership plate and make a bigger mark in her workplace and the world.

  • Jeffrey W. Hayzlett

    Put the book in the hands of every person you know! It’s no secret that women make great leaders, it’s a fact. Time everyone learned this first hand.

  • Lou Diamond

    A true ‘Master Connector’, Jill Griffin has combined together her wisdom, her experience and her passion to share with others her playbook on what’s required for EVERYONE to be an amazing leader!